Sell your pre-loved scrap Gold and get cash for your Gold in 4 easy steps!

Do you have some inherited jewellery you would never wear, something which is broken, or maybe some unloved items of Gold?

Why not use our online, LIVE gold to cash calculator to find out the value and post gold for cash to us?

Realise the cash value of unwanted Gold (and other precious metals)!

Examples of things recently bought – single earrings where one has been lost, jewellery with missing stones, tangled or broken chains, unfashionable jewellery, previous engagement and wedding rings, dental gold, gold or silver watch cases, precious metal coins, sovereigns and krugerands.

Whether gold, silver, platinum, palladium or gold coins, follow the cash for gold steps below and use our online cash for gold calculator UK to instantly find out how much your Gold is worth. If agreed, we pay directly into your bank account within 48 hours.

  • If possible, sort metals (9 carat gold, 18 carat gold etc)
  • Use scales (such as kitchen scales) to weigh in grams (Note : bear in mind accuracy of kitchen scales vs trading standards approved scales)
  • Enter weight into cash to gold calculator UK below which will automatically generate a value. (Note - Price per metal/carat will change each day with market price)
  • If you agree, contact us via website contact form, telephone or social. We will send out pre-paid, special delivery envelope to securely post gold for cash to us. Please keep receipt as proof of postage.
  • On receipt, we sort, log, test and weigh all items. Items are weighed on compliant, class II trading standards approved accurate scales. We quote a final price with an explanation for any differences. Note - final quote can be higher or lower - please see terms and conditions for further info.
  • If you agree to the final quoted price - check, read, sign and return the declaration form. On receipt, we will pay into your bank account (or cheque if required) within 48 hours.
  • If you don't agree, we will return items via special delivery free of charge. There is no obligation to sell to us.

Please refer to terms and conditions page for a full list of detailed information.