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By ordering from www.braithwaitesjewellers.com, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below. The contract between you, as the customer, and us, as the retailer, shall be regulated by English law and any disputes will be resolved in the Courts of England. 

The website is owned by R.A.Braithwaite Jewellers York with the details below – 

R.A.Braithwaite, Independence House, Millfield Lane, York, North Yorkshire, YO26 6PH, 01904 625274, UK VAT No. 168 8769 89

We advise you to read the terms and conditions prior to purchase. 

We aim to ensure our website is as accurate and up to date as possible. All measurements listed are approximate and any errors will be entirely unintentional. Orders are only accepted when there are no errors. Please also note, we take no responsibility of colour differences as screen resolution may differ. We may make changes to terms and conditions, promotions, pricing, images, discounts, offers, content and product information at any time.

Pricing is displayed in Great British Pounds (GBP) and is shown inclusive of VAT. The VAT rate is set by the UK government at is currently at a rate of 20%. For orders not subject to UK tax, the VAT amount will be deducted prior to shipping. If a product is on sale, the non-sale price has been applicable for at least 28 consecutive days within the last six months. While it is our aim to keep our website completely up to date, we reserve the right to cancel any orders if there is an genuine error on the price at the time of order.

Once orders have been processed through payment on the site, we will send an order confirmation email. Subject to i) the product being available, ii) the information of the item being accurate, iii) the price being accurate iv) all fraud and identity checks being passed and v) the payment being authorised. Once all of the above checks have been carried out and confirmed, we will dispatch the order usually by the next day and send confirmation. The contract then exists.

Identity checks are taken on all orders to prevent fraud and ensure online security. If your order fails our routine checks, we reserve the right to refuse your order and cancel the payment. 

Once an order has been placed, payment will be taken and processed. 

Selling Gold for Cash
  • If you wish to send your precious metals to us please either contact us via our webpage, call us on 01904 625274 or email gold@braithwaitesjewellers.com. A guideline of the process is detailed on our gold calculator page

  • If possible and if known, sort precious metal into different categories. The main categories for gold are 9 carat, 14 carat (usually if purchased abroad), 18 carat and 22 carat which show the different quantity of pure gold within the item. The higher the carat, the higher the price per carat. Please note - we also buy Platinum, Palladium, Silver, Sovereigns and Krugerands. 

  • Use of kitchen scales will only provide an estimate to the value however, an accurate, Trading Standard, Class II approved set of scales will be used to 2 decimal places for final confirmation. 

  • The gold calculator generates a price according to the number of grams you have entered for each precious metal in the 'price paid to you' box. This is reflective of the market prices which alters twice daily and a total for all precious metal you wish to sell is calculated at the bottom. 
  • If you are satisfied with the price we would pay out and you do want to sell your precious metal to us, please contact us via the website contact form, telephone or social media and we will send you a pre-paid 'special delivery' envelope for you to securely post your items to us. Please ensure you keep your receipt as proof of postage. 
  • When we have received your items, we will immediately log and sort the precious metal according to the differing carats; test any non-hallmarked gold; remove watch movements, glass, gemstones or any other non-precious metal parts that may be present; photograph all items on the scales and weigh each category of metal using Class II approved and Trading Standards approved, compliant scales.

  • The price quoted on the site is to be used as a guide only as the final confirmation needs to be done using the Class II, Trading Standards approved compliant set of scales which are accurate to 2 decimal places. Any photograph of items on the scale can be requested. An exact weight and price will then be finally quoted to you once the metals have been examined. If there is a discrepancy between the weights that have been entered on the site and that quoted after assessment, a full and accurate explanation will be given in writing for any discrepancies - this could be due to i) item being a higher or lower carat than expected, ii) items having stones which do not form as part of the calculation of weight, iii) scales are accurate to 2 decimal places

  • If metal requires testing, this may involve placing certain chemicals on a small area of the item which can leave staining or scratches – by submitting items, you are accepting this procedure. braithwaitesjewellers.com does not accept any liability for damage caused in this way resulting in a potential decrease of value.

  • If you agree to the final price quoted, we will send a confirmation to check, read, sign and send back to us. Once we have your items and also receipt of the signed confirmation, we will pay into your bank account (or cheque if preferred) to the value of the agreed amount, within 48 hours of acceptance.

  • Once the offer has been accepted by you, the items are sent away to refiners to be melted, therefore your acceptance is legally binding and irrevocable.

  • Items of no value will not be returned to you unless specifically requested by you.

  • There is no obligation to sell your items to us, even if we have quoted you a price. If you reject the offer, all items will be returned to you within 48 hours from date of the declined offer. If you wish to resend us the items, the offer may differ due to the daily gold price fluctuations therefore a new offer must be initiated.

  • The gold calculator on the site enables a guide to the expected payment however, if, after the accurate measurement has been calculated you are not entirely happy with the quote, we will return your precious metals to you, free of charge.

  • The price of precious metals change twice daily according to the bullion market. Offers made are valid until 6pm the same day. Any items confirmed for sale must be sent to us within two days of receipt of the pre-paid envelope for us to honour the price per gram quoted.

  • The price quoted on the gold calculator is purely a scrap/recycling price and there is no presumption that any items are in a resalable condition.

  • There will be no reduction in the price per gram quoted once we have confirmed acceptance of the items.

  • Customers must be a minimum of 18 years of age to sell items to www.braithwaitesjewellers.com and must be the legal owner of all the items submitted to us and acting on their own behalf.

  • We may or may not request proof or documentation of ownership and the customer must confirm the items have not been obtained illegally within the UK or worldwide.

  • All items must be sent via 'special delivery' (provided by us) unless otherwise agreed and all items are submitted at the owners own risk until received and signed for by braithwaitesjewellers.com – items are insured by Royal Mail up to £500 whilst in transit if sent via special delivery. If items exceed this, extra insurance would need to be arranged which will be discussed prior to sending your items to us.

  • braithwaitesjewellers.com reserve the right not to accept any items if the information is incomplete or unsigned.

  • braithwaitesjewellers.com reserves the right to reject acceptance of special delivery to any items which appear to have been opened, damaged or tampered with – any items will be returned to you without any liability from www.braithwaitesjewellers.com

  • Should we not be able to contact you after receiving your items, we will securely hold your goods until we can contact you successfully. Should we not be able to contact you after 60 days, we reserve the right to amend the price per gram to that applicable on the day of processing and submit payment of our offer to the bank account supplied. Items held against that payment will then be clear for submission to refiners.

  • We may ask for proof that the individual appears on the Electoral register with the same address given.

  • If the Royal Mail are unable to deliver any return items with a signature, they will be returned to the post office for collection within a specified time frame. If items remain unclaimed, they will be returned to ourselves. We will contact you to arrange redelivery however, there will be an additional fee to return the goods. We reserve the right to purchase any items unclaimed within 60 days.

  • Any items lost in transit must be taken up with Royal Mail for replacement or repair of lost or damaged items.

  • If items are submitted to us incorrectly and we are unable to identify an owner, we will hold the items for a period of 6 months securely. To reclaim items, we will need a full name, address and detailed description of items and the offer may need to be revised according to the daily gold price. If the items are not claimed after 6 months, they will be sent to the refiners.

  • We will pay directly into your bank account (or by cheque if preferred) by BACs transfer within 48 hours on receipt of the items. Once posted within the pre-paid envelope we send to you, this should reach us by 1pm the day after postage. If a cheque is the required payment, this can only be sent to the individual and address which the item originated from.

  • R.A. Braithwaite jewellers have been trading for over 75 years, purchasing Gold and scrap precious metal from the public in the retail shops therefore we have a long, established and enviable reputation for fair and honest pricing.

Copywright & Intellectual Property

All website content and images remain the property of R.A.Braithwaite and its suppliers. Electronic copies or prints from the site can be used for personal, non-commercial use only, with any other use strictly prohibited.

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