Ring Size Guide

Having the right size ring is essential for comfort when wearing and also for safety to ensure it does not fall off your finger, or be lost when taking off gloves.

Ideally, the best way to know what size ring you need is to get your finger sized by a professional, reputable, retail jeweller (such as one of our experts in York), however, if you are buying online, we appreciate that this can be difficult.

We offer a 'ring sizer' (available to purchase here for £10) which will enable you to try the various sizes and ensure you order the right size ring. The sizer has a wide range of ring sizes therefore is suitable for both mens and ladies ring fingers. If you choose to purchase a ring from us, we will then offer a £20 discount off the ring. You can then either post the ring sizer back to us, or alternatively keep it for any other purchases. All we do ask is that, if you choose to dispose of the ring sizer, you either pass it on to someone who may need it, or alternatively recycle it correctly.

A ring should be comfortable to push onto the finger but a bit of a struggle to get off the finger. This ensures that if you have washed your hands or you are cold, the ring will not be a loose fit.

We do also offer half sizes so, if you feel one is too tight but the next too large, please let us know as this is another option.

One thing to note, if the style of ring you have chosen has a particularly wide shank (the band which the ring is positioned on), the ring size may need to be slightly larger so we may telephone you to discuss this.

Another thing to note - if you are purchasing a ring for your little finger, this does need to be a size tighter than it would for any other finger as it is the one finger which you would not feel if the ring was to fall off.

If, when you receive your purchase, it is too large or too small, we offer a full, secure resizing service via 'special delivery' post. Please see our contact us page to arrange this.

If you are buying a ring for someone special, it is often difficult to guess the correct finger size. You could take a ring you know they wear on the same finger when you were confident they would not notice it missing (for example if they went to the gym) and take it in to a reputable, retail jeweller to ask the size.

Watch Bracelet Size Guide

Having the correct watch bracelet fit is essential for both comfort when wearing, but also safety and security to ensure it does not fall off. In our opinion, a watch should be tight enough not to slide up and down but also loose enough not to leave a mark or pinch the hairs in your arm

If you purchase a watch on a leather strap, this is adjustable on the strap however, if the watch you purchase has a bracelet, it is essential to make sure this is the correct size for you. 

Ideally, the best way to know the bracelet size is to get measured by a professional, reputable, retail jeweller, however, if you are buying online, we appreciate that can be difficult. Watch bracelet sizing is much easier to estimate than if you were buying a ring!

When buying a watch from us, we offer a free alteration service to ensure the watch is the correct size.

To ensure you have the right size, take a soft tape measure and wrap it around your wrist at the desired place on your arm where you intend to wear the watch. Take the measurement of your wrist in millimetres where the tape measure overlaps and at your desired fitting. We suggest doing this a few times to ensure the measurement you have is accurate - each time taking the tape measure on and off your wrist to ensure the location is the same. Prior to shipping your order, we would alter the watch bracelet ensuring any spare links are placed into the box just incase you need them in the future. 

Some watches come with very large links therefore, in some instances it may be more difficult to get the exact wrist measurement however, we will contact you if we have any queries when you submit your order and wrist size to us. 

If, when you receive your order, you do not feel it is comfortable, most reputable, retail jewellers can adjust or tweak the sizing for you or alternatively you can bring it into our retail jewellery shop York, or send it back to us for correction.