Watch Battery Replacement

Do you have a watch in a drawer which you love but it doesn’t have a battery? Let us know!

We offer an expertly fitted, watch battery replacement York by our watchmakers to get your watch back working again.

Watch battery replacements are a regular source of problems for a watch. The incorrect accessing of the movement by someone who is inexperienced or unqualified can cause significant problems. The wheels within the watch are very delicate and can easily be distorted, the coil (within a quartz watch – this is an electro magnet) is a fifth of the thickness of a human hair and therefore very easily damaged and can be expensive to replace.  The process we carry out is as follows – 

  • Examine the case back and determine the method of opening – clip back, screw back or screws which hold the back in place
  • Cleaning the case back to ensure no deposits can fall into the movement – the smallest deposit can cause a watch to stop
  • Opening the case back carefully to ensure no scratching or damage to the back and that the case seal is not split
  • Finding the right battery to replace – there are many sizes and powers of batteries therefore this is crucial. (This process also includes clearing of the internal memory for chronographs and  resetting perpetual calendars etc). It is important not to touch the battery with fingers as this would leave a deposit on the battery cell which could compromise the connection. Plastic tweezers should also always be used and never metal ones. 
  • Case seals are then checked and cleaned prior to reassembly. If they are aged, they may need replacing for the longevity of the watch – there is an additional charge if a new seal is needed but we would contact you to discuss prior to fitting
  • Case back is replaced
  • If required, pressure testing can be carried out to ensure water resistance up to 100m – there is an extra charge for this service, even if the watch fails the pressure test. 
  • Watch is then placed on “test” to ensure it is working correctly

Watch battery replacement as per the above, is £17.95 plus carriage (postage, packaging and insurance) however, if you are local to York, we offer a free, frequent, collection and delivery service so please do contact us.

Watch Bracelet Adjustment

Alternatively, you may have a watch which you would love to wear but the ‘fit’ is not suitable for you.  Maybe its too loose and swings around every time you wear it or maybe it is pinching the hairs on your arm due to it being a spot tight. Most watches can be adjusted to the right size to ensure comfort to the wearer.

Any watches purchased from R.A.Braithwaite can be adjusted to the right size free of charge prior to delivery. Please ensure you quote us your wrist measurement and how you like the watch to fit (firm or loose) by using the size guide. Alternatively, if you send the watch (or use our collection and delivery service if you are within our area) to us, we can adjust it to the correct size for you.

Watches bought elsewhere can also be adjusted at a cost of £17.50 plus carriage (postage, packaging & insurance) by our expert watchmakers. Please contact us to discuss the kind of bracelet that needs adjusting and, if going up in size, we do need the replacement links which would have been supplied to you on purchase of the watch. For any precious metal watch bracelet adjustment, please do contact us to discuss prior to sending as this will have a specific fee to the watch.