F.W.Elliot Ltd was a name synonymous with precise timekeeping for over 100 years. It was renowned for elegance, fine craftsmanship, fantastic timepieces and something which was to be handed down generation after generation. 

In 1865, James Jones Elliot initiated his apprenticeship with Bateman of 82 St. John Street, Smithfield, London to learn clockmaking. In 1882 he founded a company, not knowing it would achieve a worldwide reputation for the manufacture of fine quality clocks. 

The company F.W.Elliot Ltd was named in 1923 by James’s son, Frank Elliot along with his two sons Leonard and Horace Elliot. Another son, Ronald, then joined the firm in 1929. 

Do you have an Elliot clock which you would like to restore to full working order or book in for a service?

Traditionally, clocks are the most mistreated instruments in the home! They are often placed on the mantel shelf above a fire which burns on average for six months a year which, not only dries out the oil within the clock but also generates dust particles to enter the clock and wear the movement. A similar effect is also seen when the clock is placed on a radiator shelf where the movement of air and heat are not ideal. This place however, remains the most popular place to put a clock in the home – regular clock servicing will ensure the clock doesn’t get damaged. 

A clock service is not something you often think about however, the longer you leave the clock, the more the wheels and pivots will collect deposits and dry out. Did you know the dual lever escapement in an Elliot Clock oscillates at approximately five times per second which equates to around 160 millions oscillations per year so it is not surprising clocks need regular servicing to keep good timekeeping! 

At R.A.Braithwaite in York, we used to stock a full range of Elliot clocks however most of our supplies are now sold out! We have two Elliot clocks for sale remaining as collectors items and we offer a full Elliot clock repair service. Why not discuss your clock with us via our contact page then send it to us for our expert clockmakers to carry out any repairs or renovations and return it to you so you can take pride in using it again?

Our clock department has numerous years of experience of clock servicing in York and can expertly restore most clocks to full working order. 

We offer a Yorkshire based watch and clock collection and delivery service now we are solely trading online – we may also be able to help if you are further afield so please do contact us to see if we can meet your requirements and we will be happy to help.

Please contact us to enquire about our current time frame and get your clock booked in today. Clock servicing generally has a six month guarantee however, please check this at the time of your enquiry. 

Please do contact us prior to sending any clocks and we will have an initial discussion. We will then provide an estimate for the work required prior to any work being done. Please note, any work that is estimated for and is not completed will be liable to a return charge for postage, packaging and insurance – the value will be dependent on the size and weight of the parcel but will be quoted to you prior to sending.