Valuations are required for insurance replacement so that in the unfortunate event of loss, theft or damage, the items can be repaired or replaced.

There are many different types of Valuations available including Probate Valuations which assess the value of jewellery items within an estate on the death of a person, and also other alternatives – full details are available on request.

The most common type of Valuation is for Insurance purposes. Please do not send any items of jewellery to us without having prior contact with us as we need to quote full details and timescales.

On receipt of items agreed for Valuations, all items will be cleaned and thoroughly checked for any damage or loose stones. A full assessment will then be carried out including accurate calculation of the weight of any stones, quality assessment of each stone, full and detailed descriptions of each item which are all supported with full colour images.

Beware any Valuer who charges £10 and can deliver a valuation within 10 minutes! – like all things in life, you get what you pay for and a minimal price means a minimal amount of time assessing the items.

A Member or Fellow of the Jewellery Valuers Association is a professional valuer and is required to comply with a detailed and extensive list of protocols to ensure that the client has a fully researched, accurate and justifiable valuation. Membership of the JVA is difficult to achieve and, once a member/fellow, the member is required to maintain their knowledge by regular monitoring of work to ensure the JVA high standards are maintained. 

The cost of having a Valuation is – 

  • Report Charge – £60
  • Cost per item – £50
  • Premium item cost – £90
  • Multiple stone item (20+ stones) – £120

Our Fellow of the JVA is Frank who was a founding member of the IRV (Institute of Registered Valuers) and an RV/IRV for 25 years, Past Chairman of the IRV for just under 5 years, Founding Benefactor of the JVA, Past Chairman of the JVA and is now Honorary President of the JVA. He has been a professional, retail valuer for over 40 years.