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What does St Christopher protect you from? Why do you wear a St Christopher? What does a Saint Christopher represent?

st christopher's pendant with diamond cut edge and polished finish and reverse side

The legend of Saint Christopher is known worldwide and a huge number of people wear St Christopher pendants/charms/bracelets or place images of St Christopher in their cars but WHY? …

People often ask … What is the meaning of a St Christopher? What does St Christopher protect you from? What does a St Christopher pendant mean?

Legend has it that the wearing of a St Christopher necklace or the carrying of a St Christopher charm, protects the traveller as St Christopher is known as the Patron Saint Of Travellers.

Jewellery depicting Saint Christopher shows a man carrying a child on his back, with a staff in his right hand.

So, where does the story originate from?

It is said that there was a man who was over 7 feet tall and wanted to serve the greatest King there was, so sought out God. The man took advice that, in view of his size and strength, he would best serve the Lord by helping people to cross a river. One day there was a young child that needed to cross therefore he carried this young child across the river on his shoulders. The river however, became deep and fast and the child felt heavier and heavier and the man really struggled. When he did eventually reach the other side he said to the child that it felt like “He had the world on his shoulders” to which the child replied that “not only did he carry the whole world but the Son of the maker of the whole world” – the child was Christ, son of God. From this day, this man became known as “St Christopher – The Patron Saint Of Travellers’.

Many St Christopher medals are double sided St Christophers and depict the Saint on one side and on the reverse have images of a ship, aeroplane and car to demonstrate the protection against all forms of travel.

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